How to Do Local SEO without Content Marketing

Budget constraints put business owners in a tough position as far as marketing is concerned. This situation gets worse as far as local on-page SEO is concerned. This is because it is difficult to calculate ROI beforehand. This may not have been a problem a few years ago, when cheap SEO was possible, even if the spammy tactics posed a serious threat to brand reputation. However, times have greatly changed, and the way search engines work has changed greatly.

search engine optimizationPeople say content marketing is the king of SEO. If that was the case, without having a content marketing strategy, then you should forget about search engines doing you any particular favor. The truth is that there are several things you can do in search engine optimization than content marketing.

Choose alternative content

What makes people share people or talk about your website? People will tell you it is compelling content. In this post, we are arguing this is not a necessity by any particular means. Search engines are looking for editorial links. Thus, a website with a company backstory, sales pitch, and only driving directions is not going to earn a lot in the face of Google. Therefore, what are you going to do rather than posting content? You need to look at successful websites, and you will note that most of them are not content websites. In fact, they are:


As noted above, it is not a necessity to create compelling content. Rather, it is about giving people something entertaining, interactive, and useful. Check the various problems your target audience has and try to solve them.

Avoid exact match domain

search engine optimizationSEO professionals know this quite well. If you hope that your business will just rank because its domain matches search engine searches, it never works like that anymore. The truth is that search engines have updates to fight this issue. It is a good idea to choose a brandable domain name for traditional marketing reasons and offers actual SEO benefits.

Build responsive website

Most local companies fail to anticipate what their customers are looking for. Most of these their websites will have a gallery, upcoming events, a slideshow, and call to action. These make the website look cluttered and terrible on the phone.