Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

From HTTPS and mobile usability to Rank Brain and mobile page speed, it is apparent that ranking factors keep changing almost every year. The SEO ranking factors have one goal in common—to improve the user experience.

All the same, Google often evaluates sites based on hundreds of such factors, and for many websites, choosing the best SEO strategy could be the biggest hurdle. Working with a reliable SEO agency is paramount if you want to have the edge over your competitors. The following are the best ranking signals to watch.

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Provide High-Quality Content

No website or business can disregard the power of quality content. Yes, they say content is king, and this is still applicable in 2019. High-quality content optimized for keywords is a powerful tool for a better ranking on search engines. Quality content must have valuable information. The content should increase on-page time, provide helpful insights, and reduce bounce rate. Your blog pages, guides, and landing pages should scratch your customers’ itch. They should deliver information that search engines and your target customers want.

Have a Secure Website

Research has revealed that 30 percent of the rankings on the first page on Google use HTTPS. Secure websites are hard to hack, and the fact that they are reliable makes them more preferable by the search engines.

Improve User Experience

User experience has a great impact on SEO. This has to do with the presentation and layout of the overall website. Nearly 38% of users will leave your site if it remains unattractive, with poorly done content. Updating content and optimizing your call-to-action features could improve your page views by up to 66%.

Optimize the Page Speed

Page speed has become one of Google’s mobile ranking factors. If your site loads slowly, you will lose visitors and revenue. For mega e-commerce sites such as Amazon, just one second of slow loading could cost it up to $1.6 billion in sales annually. This risk is not worth taking.

Google provides tools to help users test the average speed of their websites. The fixes are easy to perform when done by an experienced person.

smartphoneHave a Mobile-Friendly Site

For effective Google ranking, your site needs to have a responsive format. According to Google, responsive design is ideal because their algorithms allocate indexing properties to the page instead of having to signal corresponding desktop and mobile pages. It is advisable to follow the guidelines offered by Google to ensure that your desktop and mobile content seamlessly match.

Master On-Page Optimization

In addition to improving the user experience, you need to consider on-page optimization. This ranking signal is connected to the technical components of SEO, often operating on the background. For instance, updating your H1 tags could boost your organic traffic tremendously. Similarly, cleaning up your internal linking structure and metadata could boost your organic traffic by a big margin. Overall, by optimizing your website, you could help search engines and users to find the content available on your website.

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Finally, yet importantly, your website should earn relevant and authoritative backlinks. You cannot achieve greater success without appropriate backlinks. You can achieve this through client case studies, expert roundups, infographics, and any other piece of content that highlights influencers.

All the mentioned ranking signals exist to help search engines and SEO marketers to ensure that your website performs to the best standards.…

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